Sharm el Sheikh in September: the weather and best activities for your holiday

A trip to Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt in September, you wonder? A splendid thought indeed. It's that unique time when the summer's fervor starts to mellow, providing an excellent atmosphere for travelers seeking a pleasant mix of warmth and serenity. This coastal oasis, with its golden sands and captivating marine life, transforms into an appealing haven, ever so welcoming for the discerning nomad.

Now, imagine the soft whisper of the Red Sea, its clear waters reflecting the sun's rays, as the fading heat of the summer welcomes the calming onset of autumn. This is Sharm el Sheikh in September. But what about the weather specifics, you may ask? Let's delve into the details.

Sharm el Sheikh weather in September

The September daytime temperatures average around 33°C (91°F) — not too scorching, yet perfect for sun-seekers. As the night drapes the sky, temperatures cool down to a comfortable 24°C (75°F). This balanced temperature makes your evening strolls along the beach or ventures into the bustling night markets ever so enjoyable.

Sharm el Sheikh weather temperature in September

Bright, sunny days are the norm, with an average of 11 hours of sunshine each day. However, this isn't the piercing, intense summer sun. Rather, it’s a softer, more comfortable sunshine that provides a beautiful light, perfect for your photographic endeavors or a languid day on the beach.

Sunrise usually graces the city around 5:40 AM, and the sun takes its leave by 6:00 PM. The extended daylight hours ensure ample time for exploring the sights and sounds of Sharm el Sheikh.

Sharm el Sheikh sunshine hot in September

You may think of Egypt and picture a hot, dry desert. Yet, in Sharm el Sheikh, the humidity level in September ranges around 61%, creating a moderately humid climate. Fear not, this won't leave you feeling sticky or uncomfortable. It instead offers a pleasantly warm sensation on your skin.

As for the rain, it's virtually non-existent. September is one of the driest months, with typically no rainfall. The chance of any wet days is very low, allowing you to plan your outdoor activities without the concern of sudden rain showers.

Sharm el Sheikh rain wet in September

Swimmers and snorkelers, rejoice! The Red Sea presents a delightfully warm temperature, averaging around 28°C (82°F). Ideal conditions for indulging in the region's rich underwater world, teeming with vibrant coral reefs and exotic sea life.

Sharm el Sheikh sea temperature in September

In terms of how busy the area is, September marks the end of the peak tourist season, resulting in a gradual reduction in the number of visitors. The majority of tourists around this time are primarily from Europe, taking advantage of the lovely weather and reduced crowds.

Now, does that mean September is a hectic time in Sharm el Sheikh? No. Although it remains a favored destination, it's certainly less crowded compared to the summer months. As for the cost, prices generally tend to be more reasonable in September due to the dip in tourist influx.

Families with young children may find September ideal. The weather is not too hot for the little ones, and the lesser crowd ensures a more relaxed and spacious environment for family activities.

There you have it, an in-depth look at Sharm el Sheikh in September. A delightfully warm and welcoming destination with its comfortable weather, lesser crowds, and family-friendly atmosphere. So, why not consider it for your next vacation?

Clothes to Pack for Sharm el Sheikh in September

Planning your suitcase for a September trip to Sharm el Sheikh is delightfully straightforward. Your daytime attire should include light, breathable clothing like t-shirts and shorts, perfect for the warmth of the Egyptian sun. As the evening brings cooler air, carrying a light jacket or a shawl would be ideal for your nighttime adventures.

The best months to visit Sharm el Sheikh

As a discerning traveler, you may wonder, when is the best time to visit Sharm el Sheikh? The period from April to June and September to November would be your golden ticket. During these months, temperatures remain in a pleasant range, between 25°C (77°F) and 33°C (91°F), avoiding the intense heat of summer and the slight chill of winter. These periods also see fewer crowds, making sightseeing and exploring the local culture a more personal and immersive experience.

The worst months to visit Sharm el Sheikh

While Sharm el Sheikh is enchanting throughout the year, the months of July and August can be particularly challenging for some. These are the peak summer months, where temperatures often reach up to 40°C (104°F). Such intense heat can make outdoor activities and exploration quite taxing, especially during the midday sun. If you are sensitive to heat or prefer milder climates, it would be advisable to avoid these months.

Fantastic activities for Sharm el Sheikh during April

When it comes to activities in September, Sharm el Sheikh is a smorgasbord of delights:

Scuba Diving: The Red Sea's warm temperature makes it an inviting stage for marine exploration. Sharm el Sheikh, with its rich coral gardens and diverse marine life, offers some of the world's best scuba diving experiences. Dive into the blue abyss, immerse yourself in a kaleidoscope of colours and witness the harmony of underwater life.

Desert Safari: Embrace the adventurer within and set off on a thrilling desert safari. Experience the grandeur of the Sinai Desert, its landscapes painted with shades of sunset, under the expert guidance of local Bedouin guides. This is an adventure that combines adrenaline, cultural insight, and a starlit desert dinner.

Beach Relaxation: Spend your day relaxing on the sandy beaches, where the desert meets the sea. Sharm el Sheikh boasts numerous serene beaches, each offering stunning views and the tranquil sound of lapping waves. Whether you fancy a good book, a beachside massage, or just soaking up the warm sun, the choice is yours.

Shopping at Old Market: A visit to the Old Market is a journey through the local way of life. Here, you can find traditional Egyptian artifacts, aromatic spices, and colourful textiles. Practice your bargaining skills, soak in the bustling energy, and return with a memorable keepsake or two.

Day Trip to St. Catherine’s Monastery: Take a day trip to St. Catherine’s Monastery, nestled in the heart of Sinai. It’s a spiritual haven filled with historical artifacts, sacred relics, and stunning architecture. As you walk through the ancient corridors, you're stepping back in time, in the presence of centuries-old wisdom.

Dolphin Show: The Dolphinella Show is a delightful treat for all ages. Witness the intelligent and playful nature of dolphins, as they put on a show of flips and tricks, synchronized swimming, and even painting! It’s a spectacle that captures the essence of joy, leaving a lasting smile on your face.

Other holiday destinations recommendations in September

Ah, September, that enchanting month when the summer rush fades and the world breathes in the mellow prelude to autumn. It's an ideal time to explore the globe's hidden gems, each offering unique charms. Allow me to paint you a picture of five such destinations that shine their brightest in September.

First, let's set sail for the mesmerizing island of Zanzibar. This tropical paradise, off the coast of Tanzania, welcomes September with warm weather, averaging around 27°C (81°F), and less rainfall. It's an absolute haven for beach lovers and scuba diving enthusiasts. With less crowd, explore the historic Stone Town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, or saunter through spice plantations, taking in the intoxicating aromas. Zanzibar is a fusion of cultures, tastes, and natural beauty, making it a delightful pick for your September getaway.

Now, let us whisk you off to the stunning coastal region of Algarve, Portugal. With its azure skies, temperature hovering around a perfect 23°C (73°F), and magnificent coastline, the Algarve is an absolute dream in September. Venture into charming fishing villages, savor the local seafood cuisine, or lose yourself in a good book on the golden beaches. The Algarve is where the sea whispers tales of the ages to those who listen.

Next, let's take flight to Mauritius, an idyllic Indian Ocean island. In September, Mauritius enjoys mild temperatures, around 24°C (75°F), perfect for exploring its lush landscapes and pristine beaches. Embark on a dolphin-watching cruise, explore the stunning botanical gardens, or delve into the unique blend of cultures in the vibrant local markets. Mauritius, with its warm hospitality, is an island that invites you to experience paradise on Earth.

From Mauritius, our journey takes us to the heart of the Mediterranean, to Sicily, Italy. As summer's curtain falls, Sicily steps into the limelight with its picturesque landscapes, historical sites, and a food scene that is simply divine. In September, Sicily radiates in a comfortable 26°C (79°F), ideal for exploring Mount Etna or strolling through ancient Greek and Roman ruins. Sicily offers you a taste of 'la dolce vita' in the embrace of a Mediterranean autumn.

Finally, let's embark to the glamorous city of Dubai, United Arab Emirates. While most of the summer, the city grapples with intense heat, come September, the temperature drops to a bearable 36°C (97°F). It's a good time to enjoy Dubai's impressive skyline, futuristic architecture, and abundant shopping opportunities. Go dune bashing, visit the magnificent Palm Jumeirah, or simply marvel at the city's resilience and charm.

In conclusion, whether it's the cultural immersion in Zanzibar, the coastal beauty of Algarve, the tropical allure of Mauritius, the historical grandeur of Sicily, or the cosmopolitan vibes of Dubai, these destinations promise unique experiences that make September an exciting time to travel. So why not chart your course, pack your suitcase, and set off on a September adventure you will never forget?