Split, Croatia in April - The weather and is it a good time of year to visit?

Split, the second-largest city in Croatia, is a treasure trove of cultural and historical riches. A magnet for tourists, Split offers a harmonious blend of ancient Roman architecture, modern charm, and scenic coastal vistas. Its bustling promenades, inviting beaches, and the famed Diocletian's Palace capture the essence of Mediterranean life, while a bevy of cafes and local restaurants serve as gateways to authentic Croatian cuisine.

This article focuses on Split in April, examining the weather and suitability of a visit during this month. Is April a good time to visit Split? The answer is a resounding yes. As we shall see, April's mild weather, fewer tourists, and blossoming nature make it a desirable time for those seeking a blend of comfort and quiet exploration.

Overview of Split's Climate

Split enjoys a Mediterranean climate, marked by warm, dry summers and mild, wet winters. The transition seasons of spring and autumn, though shorter, offer a pleasant middle-ground with moderate temperatures and occasional rainfall. Sunshine is abundant year-round, making Split an attractive destination in any season.

Split's weather in April

In April, Split's climate begins its transition from the mild chill of winter towards the warmth of summer. Daytime maximum temperatures hover around a comfortable 18C (64F), while the nighttime minimum dips to a cooler 10C (50F). April's temperate climate, neither too hot nor too cold, is perfect for outdoor exploration and city walks.

Split weather temperature in April

April sees an increase in daylight hours in Split. Sunrises occur around 6 AM, and sunsets extend to after 7 PM, offering roughly 13 hours of daylight. The city basks in an average of 7 hours of direct sunshine each day. While April can have some cloud cover, there are ample sunny days for beach lounging and city exploration.

Split sunshine hot in April

April is a moderately rainy month in Split. The city experiences an average precipitation of about 68mm, typically spread over 9 to 10 days of the month. Heavy showers are not common, but light rain and drizzle can occur. Snowfall is practically unheard of in April, making it a non-factor in travel planning.

Split rain wet in April

In April, the Adriatic Sea surrounding Split starts to warm up, reaching an average temperature of about 15C (59F). While it might not be warm enough for everyone to take a dip, hardier souls or those clad in wetsuits may still find pleasure in a brisk swim or water sports activity.

Split sea temperature in April

April in Split serves up mild temperatures, manageable rainfall, and extended daylight hours. Its weather conditions are conducive to leisurely city exploration and early-season beach visits. The tourist numbers are lower compared to peak summer months, making April an ideal time for those seeking a more relaxed and intimate experience of Split's many delights.

April marks the start of the shoulder season in Split. It's a time when the city is yet to see the onslaught of summer tourists. Thus, you'll find the city's attractions less crowded, and a more relaxed atmosphere prevails. From a financial perspective, it's a good value time to visit Split. Accommodation and flight prices are usually lower than in the peak summer months, making April a smart choice for budget-conscious travelers.

Clothes to pack for April in Split

For an April visit to Split, packing a mix of warm and light clothing would be wise. Daytimes can be pleasantly warm, necessitating items such as t-shirts, light pants, or skirts. A sturdy pair of walking shoes would also serve you well on Split's cobblestone streets.

As evening temperatures can dip, bringing along a medium-weight jacket or sweater is advisable. For those cloudy or rainy days, a light rain jacket or umbrella would come in handy. And though the sea may be a tad cool, packing your swimwear leaves you prepared for sunnier and warmer days.

The best months to visit Split

The best months to visit Split would be April, June, and September. April presents a mild climate with fewer tourists, ideal for peaceful sightseeing. June, with its longer days and perfect beach weather, offers a vibrant summer atmosphere. September combines the warmth of summer with fewer crowds, creating a pleasant balance.

The worst months to visit Split

In contrast, November could be considered the least favorable month to visit Split. It's when Split receives the highest rainfall, and the shorter daylight hours and cooler temperatures limit outdoor activities.

Fantastic activities for Split during April

Explore Diocletian's Palace: Visit the grandeur of Roman architecture in the heart of Split. Less crowded in April, it's the perfect time to delve into the history of this UNESCO World Heritage site.

Marjan Forest Park: As nature reawakens in April, Marjan Forest Park becomes a haven for outdoor lovers. Take a hike, rent a bike, or enjoy a picnic in the park.

City Museum of Split: Explore Split's intriguing past in this museum housed in the Gothic-Renaissance styled Papalic Palace. It's a quiet indoor activity perfect for April's occasional drizzly days.

Day Trip to Trogir: Just a short drive from Split, Trogir is a historic town and UNESCO World Heritage Site. Its well-preserved Romanesque and Renaissance architecture are a sight to behold.

Visit Klis Fortress: Used as a location in Game of Thrones, this ancient fortress offers stunning views over Split and the Adriatic Sea.

Ferry to Brac Island: Take a ferry ride to Brac Island and visit the famous Zlatni Rat beach. Even if it's too cool for a swim, the beach and surrounding town are worth exploring.

Try Local Cuisine: April is a great time to taste local dishes like "Peka" without the summer rush. Split's food markets are less crowded, making it an ideal time to delve into Croatia's food scene.

Stroll the Riva Promenade: This lively promenade offers beautiful sea views and numerous cafes, perfect for a leisurely afternoon stroll or a coffee break.

Visit the Mestrovic Gallery: This art museum dedicated to the work of Croatian sculptor Ivan Mestrovic is a must-visit for art enthusiasts.

Green Market (Pazar Market): Immerse yourself in local life at this bustling open-air market where you can buy fresh produce, local products, and souvenirs.