Kos in May: the weather and best activities for your holiday

Is there something in the air that makes May in Kos feel a little bit magical? Is it the island shaking off the last remnants of winter, or the anticipation of the sun-kissed days of summer on the horizon? Whichever it is, there’s no denying the allure of this Grecian island in May. As the earth awakens with fresh blooms and nature’s own orchestra of birdsong, there's a sense of renewal, making it a tantalising time to explore the island.

To wander around Kos in May is to encounter an island transforming itself for its annual summer rendezvous with visitors from around the globe. The warm welcome from the locals is matched only by the island's weather, which holds the promise of sunny days and mild nights. The island seems to whisper to its visitors, hinting at all the memories waiting to be made, from the quiet of an early morning beach walk to the vibrant chatter of a taverna in the evening.

Kos weather in May

As you prepare to embrace the charm of Kos, it's essential to have a clear idea of what to expect weather-wise. May ushers in average daytime temperatures of around 24C (75F), making it a sweet spot of warmth without the intense heat of the peak summer months. When night falls, the temperatures dip to a pleasant 14C (57F), ideal for a stroll along the beach under a canopy of twinkling stars.

Kos weather temperature in May

May sees the sunrise around 6 am, and the island bathed in the soft light of sunset around 8 pm. These extended daylight hours give you plenty of time to enjoy all the experiences that Kos has to offer.

But it's not just the perfect temperatures that make May a great time to visit Kos. You can look forward to around 10 hours of sunshine each day, perfect for exploring the island’s myriad of treasures. The sun is warm and welcoming, but not as fierce as in the peak of summer, providing a softer light that's perfect for photography enthusiasts seeking that ideal shot.

Kos sunshine hot in May

Humidity in May is comfortably moderate, usually around 60-70%. It's enough to keep the air fresh and the landscapes lush but not too high that it becomes uncomfortable. It's a far cry from the stifling humidity that some tropical destinations experience, which is another reason why Kos in May is so appealing.

Rain is typically not a big feature in May. With an average of 3 to 4 wet days throughout the month, it's unlikely to disrupt your plans. The average rainfall in May is a mere 15mm, so when it does rain, it's typically short-lived, often refreshing the air and leaving the island even more vibrant than before.

Kos rain wet in May

A trip to Kos wouldn't be complete without experiencing the crystal-clear Aegean waters. In May, the sea temperature begins to climb, reaching an average of around 19C (66F). Although it might still be a bit cool for some, for others, it's a refreshing dip during a warm day on the beach.

Kos sea temperature in May

In May, the island begins to come alive with visitors, but it's not as crowded as in the high summer months. Many of the tourists visiting Kos at this time of year hail from the UK, Germany, and Scandinavia, eager to capture the early summer sun.

While May does see an increase in tourism, it's not peak season, meaning prices for accommodation, dining, and activities are still relatively affordable compared to the summer months. This affordability, combined with pleasant weather and fewer crowds, also makes it an excellent time for families with young children to visit.

May in Kos offers a perfect blend of pleasant weather, blooming landscapes, and a relaxed atmosphere, making it a fantastic choice for your springtime travels. Pack your bags and let the allure of May in Kos captivate you!

Clothes to pack for May in Kos

Visiting Kos in May means you'll need to pack with the mild weather in mind. Lightweight clothing like t-shirts, shorts, or summer dresses are perfect for the day when temperatures are comfortably warm. For the cooler evenings, it's a good idea to bring a light sweater or jacket to keep you cosy.

The best months to visit Kos

If you're looking for the most enjoyable time to visit Kos, May, June, and September are your best bets. May brings the first taste of summer with pleasant temperatures and fewer tourists, making it a delight for those who enjoy a more relaxed atmosphere. June offers excellent weather, longer daylight hours, and the island in full swing but not yet at its busiest. Come September, the crowds begin to thin, but the weather is still wonderfully warm, and the sea temperatures are at their peak after the summer's heat, perfect for enjoying the island's stunning beaches.

The worst months to visit Kos

The months of December, January, and February can be challenging for visitors looking for the classic Greek island experience. The winter weather in Kos is mild compared to many places, but it's also the wettest time of year and many of the tourist facilities, such as some restaurants, hotels, and attractions, may be closed. Plus, the sea is too cool for most people to swim comfortably.

Fantastic activities for Kos during May

Beach relaxation: With over 20 beautiful beaches, finding your perfect spot for sunbathing and swimming is a breeze. May is ideal for beach days, with fewer crowds and comfortable temperatures.

Historical Exploration: Take a journey back in time by visiting the Kos Town's Ancient Agora, a market place dating back to the 4th century BC. The ruins are extensive and the low number of tourists in May makes for a peaceful exploration.

Bike tour: Kos is famously flat and biking-friendly. Rent a bicycle and take a leisurely ride around the island, enjoying the blooming wildflowers and olive groves along the way.

Visiting Thermal Springs: Kos has natural hot springs known for their therapeutic properties. The sea pool at Agios Fokas is an enchanting spot where hot spring waters meet the sea.

Trip to Nisyros Island: Take a day trip to the nearby volcanic island of Nisyros. Explore its charming villages and walk the rim of the volcano for a truly unique experience.

Wine Tasting: Visit a local winery like Hatziemmanouil, learn about winemaking process and savour the island's delicious wines.

Local Cuisine: Don't miss out on trying traditional Greek dishes at local tavernas. With the tourist season starting, you'll find many places open and offering fresh, flavourful food.

Other holiday destinations recommendations for May

Fernando de Noronha, Brazil: This stunning archipelago, with its crystalline waters and thriving marine life, provides an idyllic setting for diving, snorkelling, and dolphin-watching. May is especially appealing because it's the tail end of the rainy season, where the landscape is lush, and the crowds are thin.

Costa del Sol, Spain: The literal 'Sun Coast' of Spain boasts warm but not yet scorching temperatures in May. It's an excellent time to enjoy the expansive beaches, delightful chiringuitos (beach bars), and the charming old town of Marbella.

Prague, Czech Republic: Prague in May is a treat for the senses. The city's famous gardens are blooming, and the weather is comfortably warm. The 'Prague Spring Music Festival' also takes place in May, showcasing the best of classical music.

The Seychelles: May signals the start of the dry season in this tropical paradise. With fewer tourists around, you'll have plenty of space on the pearly white beaches, and it's also the perfect time for bird-watching with the nesting season in full swing.

Maui, Hawaii: For surfers, this is your nirvana. The famous 'Maui swells' begin in May, offering some of the best surfing conditions. Besides, the vibrant Hawaiian cultural festivals during this month add to the overall experience.

Cappadocia, Turkey: Famous for its unique moon-like landscape, ancient cave churches, and mesmerizing hot air balloon rides, Cappadocia is truly enchanting in May. The weather is pleasant, ideal for outdoor exploration, and it's also the beginning of the hot air ballooning season.

Bhutan: This Himalayan kingdom, known for its rich culture and monastic traditions, is in full bloom during May. The lush valleys, clear skies, and vibrant festivals make it an appealing choice for those seeking a unique, serene holiday experience.