Sousse, Tunisia in February - The weather and is it a good time of year to visit?

Sprinkled with the dust of ancient history and caressed by the warm Tunisian sun, Sousse stands proud on the eastern coast of Tunisia. It is a city where age-old traditions intertwine with modern comfort, casting an irresistible spell on its visitors. Sousse is like an open-air museum, radiating a charm that can be felt in its labyrinthine Medina, fragrant markets, and sandy beaches.

Yet, should one consider travelling to Sousse in February? The answer is a resounding yes. The city is relatively quiet during this period, providing ample opportunity for you to explore without being encased in the bustling crowds of the high season.

The weather of Sousse through the year

Sousse's climate can be characterised as a typical Mediterranean climate - hot, dry summers and mild, rainy winters. Throughout the year, the city is bathed in a generous dose of sunlight, bringing its vibrant colors to life. However, the annual weather can be a medley of extremes - the sizzling heat of summer can reach up to 30C (86F) and the cool winter dips as low as 6C (43F), painting a canvas of climatic contrast.

Sousse's weather in February

In February, Sousse adorns a comfortable, winter-esque demeanor. The average daytime temperature during this month typically hovers around 16C (61F), making it pleasantly cool, perfect for roaming the city's historical streets and relics. Come nightfall, the mercury can drop to a chillier 9C (48F), so a warm coat or jacket would serve you well during your nocturnal adventures.

Sousse weather temperature in February

When we turn our gaze to the skies, February presents relatively short days in Sousse. Expect around ten hours of daylight with sunrise occurring approximately at 7 AM and sunset at 6 PM. Despite the shorter days, the city is rarely bereft of its sunlit aura. Although February sees more cloud cover than the sweltering summer months, Sousse still benefits from an average of five hours of sunshine per day during this month, ensuring the city is well-lit and photogenic for sightseers.

Sousse sunshine hot in February

In February, Sousse enters the tail end of its rainy season, which means rainfall is not entirely out of the question. Average precipitation for the month is about 49mm, spread across seven days in the month. So while a sudden shower could punctuate your travel itinerary, the likelihood of encountering a day-long deluge is low. The showers often add an air of freshness to the surroundings and can make your evening strolls more memorable. As for humidity, it averages around 70% in February - not uncomfortable, but enough to give the air a crisp, coastal feel.

Sousse rain wet in February

The Mediterranean surrounding Sousse cools down considerably during February, averaging a brisk 15C (59F). While this might sound a touch chilly, it can provide an invigorating dip for the brave-hearted. For many, however, this might be the perfect time to stroll along the beach rather than frolic in the waves. But worry not, the mesmerising views of the vast sea extending beyond the horizon remain a sight to behold, regardless of the month you choose to visit.

Sousse sea temperature in February

In February, Sousse dances to the rhythm of a relaxed tempo, far from the rousing hustle that high season brings. Hotels don't brim with tourists; streets, squares, and monuments are less crowded, offering a more personal experience. As winter is considered the low season, the cost of travel is generally less expensive compared to the popular summer months. Accommodation deals are aplenty, and flights often sport lower price tags. It's a time when you can soak in the serenity of Sousse without the usual tourist thrum.

Is February suitable for families with young children? Absolutely! With the absence of summer's searing heat, exploring Sousse becomes a joyous and comfortable adventure for the little ones. You may find a delightful international mix during this period, with most tourists hailing from European countries, particularly France, Germany, and the UK, seeking a winter escape.

In essence, Sousse in February presents a unique travel proposition - cool, comfortable days to explore the city, brisk nights for cosy evenings, a likelihood of light showers adding to the city's charm, and cooler sea temperatures encouraging leisurely beach walks. Every traveler is different, and so, whether this is your ideal travel weather, only you can decide. But rest assured, Sousse in February won't disappoint the adventurous spirit seeking a different hue of Mediterranean charm.

Clothes to pack for February in Sousse

Packing for Sousse in February should reflect the mild climate. During the day, light clothing such as T-shirts and jeans will serve you well. However, don't forget to pack a jacket or a sweater for the chillier evenings. Comfortable shoes are a must for ambling through the city's cobblestone streets and historical sites. Remember to carry an umbrella or a raincoat as the weather might surprise you with a quick shower.

The best months to visit Sousse

When considering the best months to visit Sousse, April to June and September to October come to mind. During these periods, the weather is warm but not overpoweringly hot, hovering between 20C (68F) to 28C (82F), perfect for sightseeing and beach activities. The city is less crowded than in peak summer, yet vibrant enough to immerse oneself in its culture and lively aura.

The worst months to visit Sousse

The least favorable time to visit Sousse would be the height of summer - July and August. The temperatures during these months can surge beyond 30C (86F), which could be stifling for those unaccustomed to such heat. Coupled with throngs of tourists, the city's charm can feel somewhat diluted. To truly savour what Sousse has to offer, avoiding the peak summer might be a wise decision.

Fantastic activities for Sousse during February

A stroll through Sousse's Medina is an enchanting journey through time. Navigate its labyrinthine alleys, soaking in the heady mix of spices and the charm of local artisans at work. The cool February weather adds to the pleasure of this experience.

Visit the stunning Ribat of Sousse, a fortress-like monument that takes you back to the 8th century. A climb up its watchtower presents an awe-inspiring panoramic view of the city and the sparkling sea. Its serene atmosphere is a perfect reprieve from the usual hustle.

The Archaeological Museum of Sousse, nestled within the Kasbah, houses one of the finest collections of Roman mosaics in the world. A February visit ensures a peaceful exploration of this treasure trove of art and history.

A trip to Port El Kantaoui, just north of Sousse, offers a delightful day out. Its picturesque marina, lined with quaint cafes and restaurants, is a sight to behold. The cooler February climate makes a stroll along the harbor a pleasant experience.

For nature enthusiasts, the Friguia Park is a must-visit. Home to a variety of animals, the park offers educational tours that appeal to adults and children alike. It's a fabulous way to make your February vacation both fun and informative.

Venture out to the city of Monastir, a short drive from Sousse. Here you can explore the Ribat of Monastir, the Mausoleum of Habib Bourguiba, and the marina. The journey is even more enjoyable during the comfortable February weather.

A visit to Sousse's traditional souk is an absolute must for shopaholics. Amid the hustle of bargaining and the vibrant display of goods, you can find unique souvenirs and handicrafts. It's an immersive cultural experience.

If you are a golf enthusiast, the El Kantaoui Golf Course awaits. With its immaculate greens and stunning views, it's a wonderful place to unwind and engage in some leisurely activity, without the scorching summer sun overhead.

If you seek spiritual tranquility, visit the Grand Mosque of Sousse. Although simple in its architectural style, its peaceful environment provides an excellent space for reflection. Remember to respect local customs and dress modestly during your visit.

Lastly, for those who enjoy learning about local culture and traditions, a visit to the Dar Essid Museum is a must. This traditional house turned museum gives visitors a glimpse into 19th-century Tunisian life. The chance to explore it without the usual crowd in February is a bonus.